What is AutoDeal?

AutoDeal is the Philippines no. 1 online automotive marketplace. Everyday we assist car buyers to compare vehicles, find promos and connect with car dealers and private sellers from across the Philippines. The goal of AutoDeal is to simplify the car-buying process by empowering customers before they reach the showroom. With more than 350 partner dealers nationwide, AutoDeal offers car-buyers convenience and transparency by enabling them to find the best offers from multiple dealerships nationwide.

How it Works

Step 1. Find Your Car.

Whether you’re looking for brand new or pre-owned, AutoDeal has the necessary tools and information that you need to begin the search for your next car.

For brand new buyers, you can compare detailed specifications and prices for every car in the Philippines in our comprehensive car guide or search through a wide selection of special offers and deals from our partners.

If you’re looking for something a little older, you can find detailed information on second-hand, certified pre-owned and repossessed cars in our used car section.

Need more help? Check out our comprehensive car-reviews and featured articles for everything you need to know about every unit on the road.

Step 2. Request a Quote, Inquire or Book-A-Test Drive.

Once you've found a vehicle that you're interested in, you can click the "Get Quote""Inquire" or "Schedule a Test Drive" options to connect with one of the many AutoDeal partner dealers across the country.

AutoDeal maintains partnerships with more than 350 dealers throughout the Philippines thus ensuring that you receive a prompt feedback to your requests.

If you want to compare multiple offers, you may select from our "3 Quote" feature which will give you the opportunity to simultaneously receive three (3) separate quotations from select dealers closest to your location.

Step 3. Connect with an Official Sales Agent.

After you complete your request; an official sales-representative from one of our partner dealers will contact you with your required feedback.

The sales agent, who is closely monitored to comply with our customer service standards, will guide you through the next steps of your inquiry, including (if required) the handling of your auto-loan application. You can maintain an on-going thread of communication by logging into your AutoDeal account or responding via email.

By using AutoDeal you can discuss crucial details, get pre-approved for an auto loan and pass requirements without needing to initially visit the dealership.

Why use AutoDeal?

  • It is super convenient - AutoDeal offers you the ability to shop for cars from the comfort of your own mobile, tablet or laptop. You can request pricing quotations, schedule test-drives and check the availability of vehicles by simultaneously inquiring with multiple dealers at one time on AutoDeal. Our multi-branded environment will help you effortlessly connect with hundreds of dealers from multiple automakers nationwide without you needing to travel from one dealer to the next.
  • Quality Content - AutoDeal is committed to providing car-buyers with the best quality information. Content is strictly maintained by a dedicated in-house team of motoring experts and is inclusive of detailed vehicle specifications, promos, reviews and buying advice.
  • Quality Service & Support - AutoDeal has official partnerships with more than 350 brand new and used car dealers across the country. We invest heavily in training our partners to merit the importance of fast and quality response times. If you ever encounter difficulties, contact us and our friendly customer support representatives will help assist you.
  • Peace of Mind - AutoDeal strictly implements its partnerships with vehicle manufacturers and dealership management teams. As a result, the standards of sales agents are closely monitored to ensure the best possible experience for online car-buyers.

What Do Car Buyers Say About AutoDeal?

It's my first time to purchase a car and I find it hard to visit showrooms because of my busy work schedule. I discovered Autodeal on my mobile phone while on my way to work.

Autodeal is super informative it has every important detail to help you decide on which car to get. I received calls from several dealers offering the most affordable packages. I got my dream car 6 days after sending an inquiry. Informative. Fast. Effecient.

James Owen Rupita
Bought a Honda Brio S AT
March 07, 2015

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